Armed Forces Day History and Background

Armed Forces Day History and Background :

The armed forces play an indispensable role in maintaining the security of every country and their significance is beyond any ignore. They sacrifice their lives and keep the country on the top of their priorities list without realizing their importance for their families. Nobody can show more love to a country than a man who is part of any armed forces. With the same intent, President Harry S. Truman of the US conceived the Armed Forces Day in 1949. The history and background of the day are as below.

Armed Forces Day History and Background

Armed Forces Day History and Background
Armed Forces Day History and Background

History of Armed Forces Day

The Armed Forces Day was first observed officially in the United States with the efforts and ideas of their then-president Harry S. Truman on 20th May 1950. It is usually a unified celebration that is held in all the defense branches of any country especially the US, be it military, air force, army, navy, or any other defense force. The theme of the very first Armed Forces Day of 1950 was “Teamed for Defense”. But the celebrations of the day did not stay limited to the US merely but the numerous countries began celebrating the day to honor the people behind their victory.

Facts one needs to know

  • 1950: 1st official Armed Forces Day established by the US president John F. Kennedy.
  • Bremerton: The longest-running city-sponsored Parade on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day was hosted by Washington’s Bremerton in the US.
  • 1847: The establishment of the National Military officially began on 18 Sept 1947.
  • 1962: The Armed Forces Day got a space in the national holiday’s list of the US Calendar.

Background of Armed Forces Day

The Armed Forces Day usually takes place on the third Saturday of May. The day is celebrated to praise the efforts of the people serving in the armed forces of any country.  Typically, the main motto behind the day celebrations has always been the motive to educate the society and endow them with the efficient knowledge about the role of the Armed Forces that is quintessential for the country’s welfare. The day unites the citizens of a country where they all pay honor to the patriotic services of the Armed forces employees.

Traditionally, the day commemorates with the parades and continues till the award ceremony designed especially for the Defense forces of a country. They all receive huge respect and appreciation not merely from their loved ones but every citizen of a country.  The civilians also visit the ceremonies and show their participation with full enthusiasm.

Celebrations of the Armed Forces Day

Here is a list of few celebration ideas that can make the ceremony of the Armed Forces day successful.

  • Visit an air show or parade presented by the defense forces on the day.
  • Send a care gift package to any of your relatives working in the Defense forces.
  • Donate a few pennies to the NGOs which support the families of the defense forces people who lost their lives in wars.

All-in-all, we all should express our feelings and gratitude towards the efforts of the defense forces that keep us safe and sound at our homes by securing our borders.


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