Anti Narcotics Day Speech

Anti Narcotics Day Speech

In current aeon , every one is thinking to get free from Drugs. Anti Narcotics Day Speech is celebrated for this cause. It is celebrated on 26 June. On this day various functions and camps are organized by Government as well as private firms.  In relation to this we have brought for you a brief and quick Anti  Narcotics Day Speech in English medium. I hope this will surely help you out in your preparation for this momentous event.

Anti Narcotics Day Speech
Anti Narcotics Day Speech

Anti Narcotics Day Speech is as follows :-

Good Morning/afternoon/evening to all of you. Today, we all are assembled here for a constructive discussion regarding the drug abuse as well as the illicit trafficking which is hunting youth very rapidly. In today’s world, people are becoming too much addictive to drugs especially youngsters. In some countries even Government is not doing enough efforts to eradicate this problem completely.

Sometimes, Youth indulge in drug consumption because of depression of unemployment, love betrayals or family issues and others consume drugs out of pun. In short, the lives of youth are experiencing huge destruction.

The drug abuse and illicit trafficking is not a problem which has arisen midnight however, it has been prevalent for a long time. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to put the halt on the drug consumption for the safety of various lives.

A very disappointing factor is that the drug marketing people generally influence the students so that they can make them addicted to its consumption. This fatal consumption is leading to damage various organs of people rapidly due to which their life expectancy rates also fall down. This is also one of the main reason of infertility in men.

Not, just this, but, drugs also affects people mentally as well due to which the brain efficiency of students tends to decrease with the over-consumption of drugs. Therefore, I would suggest all of you people (audience) maintain a distance from the drugs.

The reason behind it is that if you begin once, you will most likely to become habitual and this can endow you with adverse effects both to your physical and mental health.

Conclusively, I sincerely hope that our students will never get indulged in any such activity which can disturb their as well as their family’s lives. A Drug free life leads to happy life and happy family. Over and all, drug abuse is a big “No” according to my opinion. Therefore, all of the students should stick to their goals because our nation needs healthy youth. Thank you.

Anti Narcotics Day Speech

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