Anti Narcotics Day Essay

Anti Narcotics Day Essay

Anti Narcotics Day is the most Popular topic which is discussed in every school, college and university. On this day various institutes organize function at school and university level.  On this day students widely search for Anti Narcotics Day Essay just to help them out in there homework or  in gathering ideas for competitive events.  Here below is Anti Narcotics Day Essay and i hope it will definitely help you in your homework and competitive event.

Anti Narcotics Day Essay

In the modern world, everyone holds a long list of their sorrows. Due to that, people begin getting indulged in bad habits very often. Some of the people start drinking liquor and others become habitual of many other drugs.

Although everyone is aware of the bad effects of drugs yet people ignore this fact and keep consuming the drugs. Thus, general assembly felt the importance of Anti Narcotics Day and finalized 26th June as the day against drug abuse.

The main goal behind the celebration of this day is to take the actions against drug addicts and make this society free of drugs abuse.

Since 1987, people gather every year to discuss the problems happening because of drug addicts. A lot of organizations, individuals and societies participate in the celebrations of this day to spread awareness about all the issues which arise because of illicit drugs.

It is quite essential to put a halt on the drug consumption as it leads to destroy a lot of homes and lives too. There is a countless number of people who die every year just because of liver damage or lungs damage which happens due to various drugs.

Thus, governments and individuals take initiative to at least decrease the number of drug consumers in order to get healthy lives and better life expectancy for people. en.

Over and all, it would not be wrong to say that Anti Narcotics Day is ultimately a good step in the betterment of society and a hope for the better world.

Anti Narcotics Day Essay
Anti Narcotics Day Essay

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