Alone WhatsApp Status

Alone WhatsApp Status : Loneliness is a curse. We often feel alone when there is nobody to share our emotions with. This is such an occupied world now that people don’t even care to spend time. Everyone is so much busy that once they are with you and the next moment you will be all alone.

Being alone hurts because we expect too much from the one who doesn’t care at all. In the midst of loneliness, we start losing our own self. We often forget who we were and who we could be. It is such a pathetic feeling that you are going to feel the worst about yourself but there is always a light after darkness.

Alone WhatsApp Status

Alone WhatsApp Status
Alone WhatsApp Status

To rise above the feeling of loneliness, you must learn to love yourself. Self-love is the best practice you can do to make yourself feel better. Read motivational quotes, talk to people who love you, do whatever makes you feel happy, but just move on from being lonely. Loneliness can take you to a place where it becomes really tough to get back. So, here are some of the quotes of loneliness so that you can get relaxed and try to be full of life.

This article is all about Alone WhatsApp Status which will help you in sharing your thoughts with your friends and near ones. You can post on your WhatsApp status and even send to your loved ones to express your feelings. This is an appropriate way to feel good and better about oneself.


Alone WhatsApp Status

  1. Being lonely is better than staying in a group of people who make you feel avoided.
  2. Loneliness is a curse and I have been cursed of that.
  3. Nobody cares if I am alone. People come with benefits.
  4. It is the worst feeling when you are lonely in a gathering of people.
  5. Staying alone makes me feel like ending my life.
  6. Life has taught us that nobody will care for you until they have their own reason.
  7. Selfless people are always lonely ones.
  8. I hate thinking about once we were so close and the next moment, we are strangers.
  9. It hurts drastically when you lose yourself in the process of making others happy.
  10. People know how to use and then throw away.
  11. I am really disturbed because I have seen my loved ones changing their behavior in the worst manner.
  12. People come and go but never let yourself bend down in front of wrong ones.
  13. Learn to recognize people because there are various people who are great at acting nice but in reality, they are the most poisonous.
  14. My mind is unable to be calm even when there is so much peace all around.
  15. Keep a distance from fake people to avoid stressful life.
  16. My tears only know the real value of my pain.
  17. The problem of my loneliness is, overthinking.
  18. Being alone can make me strong enough to fight for my rights.
  19. There are a lot of people around me but still I am looking for you.
  20. My happiness always gets stolen by the person whom I love the most.
  21. It is tough to live alone but at the end it is peaceful because nobody can hurt you.
  22. I always think about what I didn’t get.
  23. My coffee is getting colder because there is no one on the other side.
  24. Sitting at the end of the day and thinking about how lonely I am is the worst feeling of all.
  25. It is better to listen to the bitter truth than to get amazed at the lies.
  26. Life is too short. You never know whether you will breath the next moment or no. Be generous!
  27. I am the only one who get influenced by people and regret later.
  28. Nobody is like me. I am there with everyone whenever they need someone but there is no one beside me.
  29. Even your friend can make you feel alone. Watch it before you rely on them.
  30. I love to listen sad songs whenever I feel lonely because the lyrics matches the situation I am facing.
  31. My eyes are full of tears whenever I feel alone. Tears are my close because they always flow in my pain.
  32. It would be great if I was never born.
  33. Life has a lot to give but my destiny is not as blessed as other’s.
  34. Time changes drastically. Your family can also be against you if time is not with you.
  35. Why has God sent me here in the world of cheaters?
  36. This is not the place where I belonged. I was never a heart broker.
  37. Losing your favorite person is devastating.
  38. It is good to spend time alone but feeling lonely is entirely a different case.
  39. The habit of overthinking has accompanied me in the times of my loneliness.
  40. I write various thoughts but now I have to start writing me as well.
  41. Your mental health is really important. Don’t burden yourself for temporary happiness.
  42. Time is precious and it also reveals people’s true colors.
  43. Nobody will hep you in your worst times. You alone have to support yourself.
  44. People treat you like an option. If they are happy with someone else, they will never be going to entertain you.
  45. People enjoy playing game in their free time and nowadays people get entertained by playing with feelings.
  46. The cold-hearted people are the happiest ones. The loyal ones are always suffering.
  47. I was never enough to love you that’s why you had to leave me.
  48. You can discover some new skills inside you while staying alone.
  49. Loneliness guides us in the best possible manner.
  50. You are a new version of yourself when you have been grinding alone since long.
  51. Nobody is there to ask about my well-being. It makes me feel that I don’t even exist.
  52. My existence doesn’t make a difference.
  53. Sometimes I feel that I only exist but don’t live.
  54. Living alone is like ruining your dreams because there is nobody to support you.
  55. When you really need someone in your worst, there is no one standing.
  56. People avoid you when you need them the most.
  57. They will pretend to be the most loving one but reality will kill your smile.
  58. The fake world will make your smile dull.
  59. Not everyone can see you successful. People will start blaming.
  60. It is worth being lonely when you are walking on the right path.
  61. They can never see your worth no matter how much you do for them.
  62. The fact is, we are alone in this world.
  63. Your past becomes the reason for your sadness and leaves you alone.
  64. The bitter experiences of life teach us how to live alone.
  65. I am shattered by staying alone.
  66. It feels devastated even with a thought of loneliness.
  67. No matter you are surrounded by so many people but if you will need anyone, nobody will be there for you.
  68. People doesn’t want to help anyone but they want everyone to support them.
  69. You need to fight alone for your happiness.
  70. It is hard to make anyone understand about your feelings.
  71. People just care about themselves no matter how much you do for them.
  72. It is scary to feel lonely.
  73. Loneliness can frown you but eventually it will make you strong.
  74. You are not alone but you are just you.
  75. Sometimes being lonely can give you mental peace that nobody else can give you.
  76. People just stand with you in good times, the real ones are those who can stand with you even in your worst.
  77. It is a courage to live alone. Not everyone can stand alone and be strong.
  78. Loneliness makes me learn an appropriate path of life.
  79. It is better to stay alone than to fall in wrong company.
  80. Reel life is much better than real life.
  81. If a person starts feeling lonely, he can be really dangerous because he knows how to deal even the toughest phase all alone.
  82. I was a part of you but now you left me with loneliness.
  83. Even your blood relations leave one day.
  84. Nobody can understand what I went through while being all alone.
  85. We all need to suffer alone no matter how much people we are surrounded with.
  86. There is a point in life when everyone leaves and we are our only companion.
  87. Loneliness is a war from our own self.
  88. The weather is really awesome but my mind is unable to see good in it.
  89. Everyone is selfish and they use people for their benefit.



We often feel alone even among crowd because nobody wants to listen our story, our life and our feelings. People in this occupied world, are stick to themselves or just with the ones who are beneficial to them. Feeling alone is normal but it can impact your physical as well as mental health in a drastic way. Learn to be optimistic because that way you might feel a bit calmer.


  1. Nights are often horror because it makes me feel the loneliest person on this planet.
  2. I might smile or laugh the whole day but night reminds me of all those pain that I want to forget.
  3. Time is running too fast that I am afraid that I will feel left out as always.
  4. The person who speaks too much, is often alone in his personal life.
  5. A person with the purest heart is lonely at some point of life.
  6. I might pretend to be the most fun-loving person, but I feel lonely when I need someone to hug.
  7. I wish I could bring back those moments in which I was the happiest person.
  8. The fondest memories make us feel alone later in life.
  9. Once everyone loves you and when they are occupied in life then you are no one to them.
  10. I get goosebumps when I get to feel alone.
  11. I am exhausted by staying alone.
  12. People leave you mid-way just because they found someone else.
  13. The power of money snatches everyone from you.
  14. It feels shattered that one moment you are so special and on a blink of an eye you are nobody.
  15. Remembering the golden days of life makes me feel so better but turning to the haunted memories, I feel worst.
  16. Nobody will understand what pain you are going through until they feel the same.
  17. You can’t identify who is real and who is fake in such a world. People act so smart.
  18. Life is a replica of what you are showing to it.
  19. It sucks that how people use you for their entertainment.
  20. If you are not there with me in my bad, I don’t need you in my good either.
  21. The failures have to digest alone.
  22. There is a group of people to celebrate victory but when you lose something, you are all alone.
  23. Even my phone doesn’t drop any notification now.
  24. It is all over now. People just used you to satisfy their needs.
  25. Never let your heart dominates your mind otherwise you will be all alone.
  26. You need to limit people from entering your life whenever they wish to.
  27. People will pick the best from you and give you their bad. Watch it before it gets too late.
  28. Don’t ever treat someone too good because people start taking you for granted.
  29. Try to accept loneliness because it makes an individual more stable than getting surrounded with fake people.

Keep smiling and I wish you loved reading Alone WhatsApp Status.

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