Allied Bank Online Banking Login – Complete details

Allied Bank Online Banking Login: Allied Bank, which is headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan was founded in 1942. The bank offers both personal and business products and services to its customers. The bank has a major duty to provide satisfaction to its customers by providing appropriate service.

There are various services which a bank offers and the guide it provides. Though, people look forward to the higher interest a bank provide but apart from the higher rate of interest, there are customer service and many other features which matter the most as well.

As we have experienced the era of pandemic where it gets really tough for people to move out of their home. Thanks to our technology, that we can see and experience the online banking. Almost every bank now provides a facility of internet banking, where you can access to your bank account from anywhere across the country. Along with the same, you can get various benefits which will be helpful for you to operate your financial services.

The internet banking is not an arduous task but it is really convenient to learn and access. Whether you are working on a pc or through your mobile phone or a tablet, it is convenient to access your banking account on internet. You must have a well-connected internet which should not be a barrier in accessing to your bank account. No matter you are too occupied with your personal or professional stuff, you can still make payments or check your e-statements or even deposit your checks. If you want to receive payment from someone, you can send your account number to them and can easily receive payment through online banking.

Allied Bank Online Banking Login

Let us now see below that how-to login Online Banking in Allied Bank.

How to Login Online Banking in Allied Bank

  1. Open the required link of your bank on your web browser.
  2. You can select the option “login to Allied Direct”.
  3. A pop up will ask for your login Id, enter your id.
  4. Enter your password then, if in case you have forgotten your password then no need to be panic. Just read below paragraph to retrieve your password simply.

How to retrieve your Forgotten Password

There is nothing to be panic if you have forgotten your password. It is natural to forget passwords as we don’t have a habit to remember anything and everything. You can reset your password by entering your user id that is linked with Allied Bank. The user id is required to let the bank know that you are their customer.

Once the page gets opened, you need to click on ‘forgot password option’. It will ask for your personal information such as your bank account number, credit/debit card details, SSN, to reset your password. While succeeding this information, it will then ask you to recreate your password. Therefore, you need to enter your new password which will be a fresh one. Click OK. Your password is generated and you can now login to the online banking of Allied Bank.

Allied Bank Online Banking Login details
Allied Bank Online Banking Login details

How to Register to Online Banking

The Allied Bank has provided free registration for the internet banking services they offer. The customers who have their bank account with Allied Bank can only apply for the online banking as they will be needing their bank account information to enter while applying for internet banking in Allied Bank.

  1. Go to the web page of Allied Bank.
  2. Click on Allied Direct to move to the dialogue box.
  3. Click on the available option to register for internet banking.
  4. You need to carefully read the terms and conditions and click on accept after completion.
  5. Enter all the required information for login to internet banking of Allied Bank.


How to Manage Online Account of Allied Bank

As you have read above, there are various benefits of online banking. Online or internet banking has made life much easier than before. You don’t have to stand in those long queues to deposit your checks or make payments or to ask for a loan. The employees of the bank have got this relief of attending to each and every customer for even a small work. They also have infinite work to do in the bank even after the working hours.

The Online Banking has been the best part for the whole world. You can access to your bank account by sitting anywhere in the world. You just need the internet connection to operate internet banking. If you are login from your computer, you must remember one thing. If it is a sharing device, never enter your password and all the important details and leave it for someone to see. You must make it confidential. Delete once you are done with your work. People might make a scam out of this and you can come under a big problem.

If you are accessing your bank account from your mobile phone or a tablet which is a personal device, it will be much convenient because in that case you have to just login for once and then whenever you need to open your online banking, you can directly go to the bank application and can further proceed to your required section.

The following are the benefits you can manage from your online bank account of Allied Bank –

  1. You can deposit checks online.
  2. You can make payments through online banking.
  3. You can view your transaction history anytime.
  4. You can visualize your reports.
  5. E-statements can be accessed.
  6. You can even report for your stolen debit/credit card.


Allied Bank – Review

Allied Bank which was named as Australasia Bank at the time when it founded in 1942. It is a financial institution in Pakistan. Allied Bank is one of the largest banks with more than 1150 branches and ATMs and has registered various offices in Lahore and Karachi.

The bank later changed its name in 1974 to Allied Bank when it got merged with Pak Bank Limited, Lahore Commercial Bank and Sarhad Bank Limited.

Allied Bank offers its customers with premier products and services so that they can fulfill their needs of investment and for business and social requirements. The bank in Pakistan maintains its status and keeps innovating education and upgrading the technologies of banking industry.

Allied Bank has come up with some upgraded facilities for its customers. The recent e-banking services include Allied direct internet banking, Allied SMS banking, Automated Teller Machines and Transactions Alerts Facility.These services of Allied Bank internet banking will make your life really comfortable. You can avail the benefits of these services.

There are several types of bank accounts that are offered by Allied Bank. Here are the details about them which you must know.

Everyday Accounts

Allied Bank provides its customers everyday banking and savings accounts. This way you will be able to achieve your savings and transactional objective. The account options that are available in Allied Banks are –

  1. Khanum asaan account –This is a personalized bank account which is for women only.
  2. Allied asaan account –To link to this account you need a minimum deposit amount of just Rs. 100/-
  3. Current Account –This bank account offers you a rupee based non-remunerative Current Account that will suite your banking experience.
  4. Allied Express Account –This bank account doesn’t ask you to maintain your bank account and asks no minimum balance or initial balance for maintenance. This account is especially beneficial for Home Remittance Benefices.
  5. Allied easy current account –This bank account asks no service charge if you have low balance in your account.
  6. Allied basic checking account –This account is an appropriate account for those who doesn’t require minimum balance.
  7. Allied rising star –This account consists of over 30000 children.
  8. PLS savings account –This bank account includes more than 1.5 million customers with the profit and loss savings account at this bank.

Savings and Term Deposits

This is an earning account which is quite interesting. If you have your savings for a longer period of time in your account, you can earn from it even more. Allied Bank savings accounts offer its customers a chance to earn profit by flexibility of withdrawing funds whenever they want to. The profit will be decided on the minimum deposit that is maintained in the account.

To make sure that your profit doesn’t fluctuate, you can invest in term deposit product.


Term Deposit Mechanics

An investment option provided by the bank to its customers so that they can earn a specific amount of profit on the savings they have deposited. They keep the customer’s deposits safe till the maturity date and further if a customer wants to withdraw funds, premature encashment charges will be applied.


Benefits of Banking with Allied Bank

There are various benefits you can avail with the banking with Allied Bank. The Bank has recorded various reviews from their customers and is in a good book of their customers who have accounts in the Allied Bank.

The benefits are listed below –

  1. You can get free online banking.
  2. Facility of utility bill payments
  3. You can utilize SMS banking on your smartphones both iOS and android operating system.
  4. There are more than 50,000 outlets of Allied Bank in Pakistan.
  5. You can now open your bank account by downloading account opening form through bank’s website.
  6. Savings account is an interest earning account in Allied Bank.
  7. Allied Bank doesn’t require any minimum balance.
  8. Customer Support is provided anytime around the clock.
  9. You can have an access to a wide network of ATMs.
  10. It is a safe and secure platform for customers to bank.
  11. There is an unlimited access to the bank’s accounts.


Downsides of Allied bank

If you are talking positive for any institution or organization, that doesn’t mean there are no negative points for that. Everything in this world has drawbacks and advantages. The bank which helps us in saving our funds and managing our finance, can also be negative at some point.

Although, Allied Bank is one of the best banks in Pakistan but still there are points where you will have to agree that it is a downside of the bank. The disadvantage of Allied Bank is –

  1. If you have to open an account in Allied Bank, you have to visit the nearby branch only no matter you live far from the bank’s location.
  2. If in case you need customer support online or in an emergency, the bank doesn’t provide live chat support to its customers which is definitely a disadvantage.



Allied Bank which is located in Lahore, Pakistan, is one of the best banks of Pakistan. The customers have been praising good feedbacks for the bank as it offers pretty decent product and services to its customers.

In case of the range of bank accounts, Allied Bank reaches at the top among all the banks of Pakistan.Unlike all the other banks, Allied Bank has accounts that are exclusively for women and children. It helps women to secure their savings and funds which can give them a freedom to spend their personal savings without any limitation.

There is also a facility provided by Allied Bank to its customers, profit and loss sharing account. Whosoever wants to bank, can utilize this service which is great for experiencing Allied Bank’s services.

Though this bank doesn’t provide live chat option in case of any emergency you might face during internet banking or during the time you login to the Allied Bank. As a user, we often get stuck while online banking. Either at the time when we make payments or if we are depositing checks online. A customer support should always be there to help in an emergency.

Also, whenever an individual needs to open a new bank account in Allied bank, he should reach the nearest branch to open an account. If you don’t live nearby the branch of Allied Bank, it will be difficult to access.

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