7+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Covid Patients

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Covid Patients: The humans on the globe are going through some terrific years of their life. COVID -19, had swept away several beautiful moments from everyone. They even took some favorite people from us. As per various study reports, beyond physical effects, the mental health of people is more critically affected by Coronavirus. The forced changes in lifestyle, isolation, fear and sudden death of near ones are leaving traumatic effects on many. The social distance is crawling into the hearts of people as the distance between hearts, making the situation much worse. To counter these awful side effects of COVID-19, societies across the earth are encouraged to celebrate special days more creatively and warmly. Enjoying together while still practicing social distancing, meeting up using digital devices, sending gifts through online shopping sites, and sending special dishes without contact are some of the novel ways people invented to keep their spirits up.


As another Halloween day is approaching, celebrating with innovative ideas is vital. Covid patients need a special approach to celebrate their Halloween and it can be very helpful to lift their confidence. Spreading positivity and happiness is the real essence of these celebrations. Incorporate unique ideas to make it optimistic for COVID-19 infected people. Here are some very inventive pumpkin carving ideas, which will be very much helpful for COVID-19 patients.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Covid Patients

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Covid Patients

Singing Pumpkins

Your dear one is admitted to hospital and you have no way to celebrate Halloween with him/  her due to Covid? Then a singing pumpkin can be a great option for bringing a smile to the face of your favorite person. Just select a perfect pumpkin and crave them with some beautiful images. Illuminate it a bit using led lights and place a speaker inside it which is connected via Bluetooth. Then just play their favorite songs or specially recorded messages to them. This can be very much heartwarming for the patient. Make them feel like they are very special.


Fragrance spreading Pumpkins

For people who love perfumes and good fragrances, this type of craving will be very convenient. Get a well-shaped pumpkin and crave it with beautiful and cute patterns like heart-shaped designs and stars. Place a scented candle or potpourri inside it. Keep it in the room of the Corona virus-infected patient. You can also add some illumination bulbs to beautify it. You may go with the soothing rose fragrance or jasmine if it fits the interest of the person. This type of pumpkin carving can bring a refreshing energy to people and make them feel so much better.


Inspiring Pumpkins

Great quotes are always an inspiration to those who struggle in life. Cravings pumpkins beautifully and pinning inspirational quotes are a beautiful way to cheer up the COVID-19 infected people. Even though the situation is so dull, a word of inspiration can make a good impact. Make some cheering faces of the pumpkin and place the quotes beautifully in it. It can be a perfect way to hold your dear ones together in this horrible phase of the pandemic.


Laughing Pumpkins

Creating funny images in pumpkins is another way to make people laugh. This can also be done by people who are infected with Covid-19. Laughter is the best medicine to counter any diseases. Cut out hilarious faces in the pumpkin and paste funny dialogues on it. Also, you can make videos with these funny pumpkins and can share them with family and friends. They can remain as the best memories for the rest of your life.



Even though jack-o’-lanterns are a traditional method of pumpkin carving, they can be associated with Covid-19 themes to celebrate Halloween very differently. Jack-o’-lanterns are made by cutting the top side of the pumpkin, making it a hollow lid to place the candle. In this pumpkin, scary or witty faces are carved, making it very much attractive. Then a candle or tea light is placed inside the pumpkin. Various stories are told about the history of jack-o’-lanterns and many use them as a symbol against evil. Covid-19, an evil that is eating up the happiness of the human race can also be treated with jack-o’-lanterns. People can carve the figure of the Coronavirus and the faces of fighting men into the pumpkins to make it something very unique. Or can use jack-o’-lanterns to remind everyone about the importance of washing hands, with pumpkins carved with that theme. You can also go for a display of these lanterns by maintaining a social distance. Covid patients can be very much revealed with these acts.


Floating Pumpkins

For people who are quarantined, carving pumpkins with positive faces and attaching them with helium balloons can be another fun. But small and lightweight carving pumpkins should be used for this. Also, small jack-o’-lanterns can be used for the same. Attach the pumpkin to the strings of helium balloons. They will float in the air and can be a visual treat to the eyes. People who are in isolation can send greetings to their loved ones this way. Also, people can do this as a gift to the dear ones who are admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. They can send it to the windows of the patients and see their hearts filled with happiness.


Glittering Pumpkins

You can carve bright and happy faces on pumpkins and paint them with shiny colors or glitter to create a happy mood. This can be done by a Covid infected patient or someone who loves them. For covid patients, this can be a great time passing activity, especially for someone who loves art. You can draw with glitters on them and can make the pumpkins very shiny. If you are visiting a friend of yours admitted to hospital as Covid positive, carrying a glittering pumpkin near to their window will be a great option to cheer them up.


Halloween is the time to celebrate victory against evil. It is the time to hold your dear ones close without actually touching them. These pumpkin carving ideas will be a great relief for both the Corona infected people and those who are around them. In this celebration time of year, let us not isolate the infected one, rather keep up their spirits with some simple acts.

We hope you will really like these Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Covid Patients if you want to share these ideas with your loved ones you can also share other pumpkin carving patterns ideas.

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