3+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Oval Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Oval Pumpkins: With Halloween Season, The world is all set to bring out the best of their horror decorations. Houses are all decked up with fake cobwebs, flying witches and gargoyles. Children are preparing their costumes all set for trick or treating. The ever radiant jack-o’-lanterns grin brightly at every passerby. With the decorations at hand, it is always imperative that your decorations stand out from the rest. A great idea would be to play around with shapes. Oval pumpkins are the best for this purpose.

They can either be used individually or can be incorporated into other designs. Through this articles, we bring forward some wonderful Halloween pumpkin carving ideas for oval pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Oval Pumpkins3+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Oval Pumpkins

Pumpkin with ZooZoo

We all remember the adorable vodafone zoo zoo ads. The antics of the zoo zoos made us all laugh. So we can recreate these beloved characters using oval pumpkins. You could use two pumpkins. One for the head and one for the body. Prop them on top of one another and voila! you have a zoo zoo.

Also, it is very simple to make. You have to paint the pumpkins white and use jet black paint or permanent marker to paint their face. You could go for a toothy grin or an evil smile. You could also make two or three zoo zoos involved in some mischief. This display is sure to make your friends laugh.


Pumpkin with Golden Stars

The good thing about oval pumpkins is that you have a lot of scope for creativity. You could go for a magical fairy land concept. You could take an oval pumpkin, scoop put the flesh and clean it. Leave it to dry. Once dry, you could paint it with metallic colours and cut out some moon and star shaped holes in it.

You could use this as a hanging and place a bright light or candle inside. This would give your lantern an iridescent glow. you could also go for neon shades or glow in the dark paint if you are feeling to go for something different.


Pumpkin with Animals

Animal them is ideal if you are using oval pumpkins. You could use a combination of oval and round pumpkins. You could carve an owl or maybe place pumpkins on top of each other to make for a head and body. You could accessorize it with some fur or feathers and you have your very own jungle.


Pumpkin with Stacked Pumpkins

Oval pumpkins are ideal for stacking pumpkins. you could cut off the upper and lower parts to stack pumpkins on top of one another. You could carve some aztec prints and make a Mayan Column. You could also carve some faces and stack them on top of each other. You could also borrow some ideas from your favourite fairy tale movie and carve some pumpkins representing each character. You could also go a little adventurous and stack an entire pumpkin column from the floor to roof. This makes for a majestic display.


Flower Vase pumpkin

Oval shaped pumpkin is a very good way to make flower Vases. Your Halloween will be filled with the fragrance of flowers and colours of petals. To make this apart from a very oval pumpkin, you need a set of flowers too. So let’s start making it. First of all, take a white oval shaped pumpkin. Then cut out the upper portion and clean the pulp in it. Make small carving outside the pumpkin to make it look attractive. Clean the inside thoroughly and fill it with sand or flower holder sponge. Now carefully arrange the flowers inside the pumpkin. Your very beautiful pumpkin flower pot is ready. Make a dozen of it and place it inside the house.


Nest pumpkin

Another pumpkin carving idea is a nest. Yes!! Making a bird’s nest with an oval shaped pumpkin. Find it fascinating?! Come, let’s find out how! To start with the process, take an oval shaped yellow pumpkin, make a hole in the centre portion and take out all the seeds and pulp from it. Clean it well and place some dried grass inside it like a nest. Stick some of the grass outside the nest too. Then hang it using a wire or small iron string in front of the house. To finish the nest, place two eggs inside it. You can also place a led light inside it to illuminate the pumpkin nest.


Worm pumpkin

How about making a worm with a pumpkin?! Lets make your Halloween a crazy one with this crazy idea. For this you need a very long and oval shaped pumpkin. Choose the pumpkin according to your favourite colour. If you choose a yellow pumpkin, you will have a yellow worm and if you are choosing a white pumpkin, then it will be a white worm. Take the pumpkin and clean its outside well. The next step is to draw small rings around it using a black paint. Draw as many rings as you can. But make sure you leave the front side without rings. Draw two eyes on it and a smiling mouth. You can also add artificial eyes or beans to it.  Your funny pumpkin worm is ready. Enjoy the Halloween with the crazy worm.


We hope that these ideas have given you some out the box techniques for carving for oval pumpkins. These ideas are sure to make your decorations stand out from the rest. We wish you a happy Halloween.

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