12+ Jack o Lantern Faces Templates for this Halloween 2022

Jack o Lantern Faces Templates for this Halloween 2022: It is Halloween season and people are getting ready to get scared. The holiday, which springs joy in the hearts of people of all ages, is based originally on the “Samhain” festival of Celts. During the start of winter season, the Celts thought that the wall between our world and spirit world came down. This made them to wear masks and offer sacrifices to prevent the evil doings of spirits. Many of the traditions followed by us during Halloween have their roots in the Celtic beliefs. Pumpkin carving is one such thing we enjoy doing during Halloween. Many of you might be struggling to find an idea on how to carve your pumpkin. This article will help you in that case and here you can find some Scary Jack o Lantern Faces ideas.

History behind Pumpkin carving: You may have heard about why Celtic people carved lanterns during Samhain. They did it to get rid of evil ghosts and to show the way for good ones. They didn’t know that pumpkins existed and carved lanterns out of turnips. They used lit coal in the place of candles and lights. However the term Jack-o-lantern comes from a story of a drunkard named Jack.

Jack o Lantern Faces Templates for this Halloween 202212+ Jack o Lantern Faces Templates for this Halloween 2022

The story is from Ireland. There was a town drunkard name Jack who tricked the devil himself many times. Jack made a deal with the devil finally to not take his soul to hell when he dies. He died shortly after and couldn’t enter Heaven because of his sins. The devil didn’t allow him into hell because of the deal.

Thus Jack was cursed to roam the earth forever and he only had a piece of coal left with him. From then, he made a lantern by carving a turnip and placing the lit coal inside it. This helped him in showing the way. It is said that he scares people who come in his way. From that day, the lantern is known as jack-o-lantern.

When people from these areas came in to America, they replaced turnip with pumpkin. And till today, pumpkin carving is followed by all the people on Halloween. They make scary images out of pumpkin and scare their neighbors with it. If you are searching for such ideas, we are here to provide you some scary Jack o lantern Faces ideas.


Scary skull Jack o lantern idea

Skull symbolizes danger, death and it succeeds in frightening us to our cores. This Halloween, carve a skull out of your pumpkin and make it look scarier than ever. You can even carve skeleton if you can in your pumpkin.


Scary Zombie face idea

Halloween is all about unearthly things and Zombie has an important place in the list. Enjoy carving your pumpkin with the eerie face of a zombie. You can find many such ideas over here.


Scary Black Cat face idea

Have you taken a look at the eyes of black cats in the dark unexpectedly? It will have an unearthly glow which will make our hairs rise. In many countries, crossing a black cat is considered bad and it is said that witches have strong bond with them. This makes black cats a great choice for carving a jack-o-lantern.


Simple yet Spooky Pumpkin face

Sometimes simple pumpkin face with crooked teeth or sharp teeth will be nerve chilling. With tea lights or candles illuminating the pumpkin from inside, triangle eyes and wide mouth will send a shudder down our spines.


Scary Vampire Jack o lantern face idea

Blood sucking vampires are also a popular choice for carving the pumpkin during halloween. You can carve the face of a vampire with fangs coming out of its mouth. When you light a candle inside, it will have a perfect ghoulish look with bloodshot eyes!


Scary Witch face Jack o lantern

Witches always intrigue us with their mystical nature. They are the first ones to frighten us when we were told magical stories. Of course we heard about fairies too. But the witches were the scary ones. With their potions, pointy hats and flying broomsticks, witches always hold a special place during Halloween. You can just carve the eyes and mouth and leave the stem in the place of her crooked nose.


Scary Wolf face idea for Jack o lantern

The howling of wolves make our blood curdle. Werewolves which are part human and part wolf occupy a bigger space in folklores. The face of a wolf with sharp teeth and cunning eyes will make fear emerge in us. Adding a tea light or candle inside a pumpkin carved with a wolf’s face will look perfect with bloodshot eyes.


Scary Joker Jack o lantern face idea  

Who is not scared by the eerie looking face of the famous Joker? Films like Batman and IT featuring clown as antagonists have already given us nightmares. Many of us have the fear of clowns. Seeing a Jack o lantern carved with the face of a psychotic joker will add fuel to our fear. So make this Halloween great by carving the joker’s face on your pumpkin.


Scary Jack Skellington face idea

What is Halloween without jack o lanterns? Guess the king of pumpkins in the town of Halloween. It is none other than Jack Skellington. The face of Skellington is pretty simple to carve but it is enough to scare a person. If you want your lantern to be simple go with this idea.

Jack o Lantern Templates


Scary headless horseman idea

Headless horseman roams the earth in search of his head. The popular folklore claims that he will kill anyone who comes his way and replace their heads for his. Carve your pumpkin with the headless horseman and make your friends scream in fear.

There are numerous data available for carving Jack o lantern face ideas. Halloween is the time which all of us enjoy by telling scary stories to one another. We make the holiday more interesting by dressing up in costumes and creating Jack o lantern which looks scary. In this post we have tried to give you some fantastic ideas that will blow your mind out. Hope you liked these ideas and if you did, please share it with your friends! Have a scary Halloween!

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