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Halloween Movies For Kids

Halloween movies for Kids “Not too scary, not much funny,  Watch some thrill and cuddle your bunny.” Be ready with a bowl full of popcorns, and turn the lights off to get immense pleasure watching these movies. Keep your kids in your lap and begin the show. Don’t think much if you have planned to… Read More »

Halloween Movies

Halloween movies   The merrymaking of a special day like Halloween is scanty until the spark of a horror movie doesn’t make you scream. Cuddling your pillow and watching horror movies makes the Halloween more impressive and sighs of fear add romance into the Halloween night. But, then comes the issue to unearth the list of… Read More »

World Post Day Activities

World Post Day Activities On World Post Day, several events are organized throughout the world, but most of these events take place at government institutions except for schools. Irrespective of the stature of the school, i.e. whether it is public or private, students are taught about this auspicious day in an equal manner. They are… Read More »

World Deaf Day Quotes Theme Activities Celebration

World Deaf Day Quotes Theme Activities Celebration:-Every year, World Deaf Day is celebrated all over the world on the last Sunday of September to recognize the contribution of deaf people to the society and generate compassion amongst people for them. World Deaf Day Theme and History Every year, World Deaf Day is celebrated all over… Read More »

Merry christmas wallpaper Images with quotes 2015 2016 2017 2018 so on

Christmas day is celebrated on 25th day of December. The fest include sharing of gifts, pubic celebration, celebration in schools. Santa Claus is favorite of all children. Gifts are given to children by Santa Claus. On this occasion Christmas tree is decorated in every home, in public, in schools, in colleges. Christmas tree is decorated with Lights. On this auspicious… Read More »