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This contains general study notes for competition exams , school exams , etc.

International Day of Peace/ World Peace Day Activities, Quotes, History

International Day of Peace is also called as world peace day. World peace day is its unofficial name. It is annually observed on 21st September. As International day of peace/World peace day arrives people start searching about its history, activities and quotes. Here I came up with International Day of Peace Activities, Quotes, History which will complete… Read More »

World/International Literacy Day History, Theme, Quotes, Poster

World/International Literacy Day History, Theme, Quotes, Poster are the basic things which one need to know while searching for World/International literacy  day. Here in this post(World/International Literacy Day History, Theme, Quotes, Poster) i will through light on all the parts related to world literacy day. World/International literacy day is celebrated on 8th September every year. World/International Literacy Day… Read More »

Teachers day speech in English for school and college students

Teachers day speech in English for school and college students  Teachers are those unique personalities which shape our carrier, which shows us way, make our dreams come true. Any thing said in praise of teachers is less we cannot define their involvement in our life with words. I here came with Teachers day speech in English for… Read More »

Rules For Using Pronouns In English

Rules For Using Pronouns In English Definition of pronoun with examples:-   Pronoun is the word which is used in place of noun. In order to avoid repetition of a noun in a sentence pronoun is used. Definition of pronoun with examples is explained in this chapter with every possible example. This chapter(Definition of pronoun with… Read More »

Rules For Relative Pronouns In English

Rules For Relative Pronouns In English  Following Rules For Relative Pronouns In English are very important because this is the base of English. This will help you out in finding errors in simple sentences which are otherwise difficult to notice. Relative Pronouns are those pronouns which join two sentences. For example :- Who, Which, That, What,… Read More »