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This contains general study notes for competition exams , school exams , etc.


1 July every year is observed as NATIONAL DOCTOR’S DAY. National Doctor’s day is celebrated  to raise the awareness about the doctor’s role in daily life. National Doctor’s day is marked to recognize the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities. Mainly healthcare organisations organise various events on national doctor’s day.  National Doctor’s Day is observed in… Read More »


FATHER’S DAY WISHES IMAGES IDEAS WALLPAPER is the most widely searched words on 16th June of every year. Father’s day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June of every year.  On this day everyone wishes their father a very happy father’s day and celebrate it at home. First time father’s day was celebrated at the Williams Memorial Methodist… Read More »


 World Day against Child Labour was first launched in year 2002 by International Labour Organization. June 12 all over the world is marked as world day against child labour. It is marked to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour. Child labour is a growing worldwide problem.It is not a public holiday but it is marked… Read More »

Fiscal year ,Financial year, Budget year

Fiscal year or Financial year or Budget year is the period used by governments for accounting and budget purposes. Fiscal year or Financial year or Budget year vary country to country.  Fiscal year end is denoted by FYE and Fiscal year is denoted by F/Y.  The “fiscal year end” (FYE) is the date that marks the… Read More »

World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation

            Every year on 4the March is celebrated as  World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation.Since 2009 it is every year celebrated. There is a confusion in understanding what is sexual exploitation?.Sexual Exploitation involves women and children who get in this problem.Sexual Exploitation is a worldwide problem.    … Read More »

Central Excise Day Celebration in India

Central Excise Day Celebration in India is commemorated every year on 24th of February. Various activities are held in all the branches of Central Board of Excise and Custom to encourage, honor them and reward them for their matchless sincere duty towards the Government and country’s economy. Different awareness programs, workshops and seminars are also organized on… Read More »