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This contains general study notes for competition exams , school exams , etc.


POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS Let us first take some examples:- “Our, Your, Her , Their, My, Its etc” these were some examples of Possessive adjectives. Now  see some examples of Possessive Pronouns. “Hers, Yours, Ours, Mine, His, Theirs, Its etc ” are known as Possessive Pronouns. NOTE:- “Her’s, Your’s, Our’s, Their’s” are wrong  and such words are not… Read More »


INTERROGATIVE PRONOUNS Read the following sentences:- Who are you? Whose is this book? Which is your house? Who is there? Which if the book do you like the  most? What is the matter? What do you want from me? What does he want? Which do you prefer, juice or soft drink? After reading all sentences… Read More »


RELATIVE PRONOUNS Read the following sentences:- I met Sharan. Sharan gave me a pen. He have found the book. He lost the book. Ketty read the book. The book was lent to her. The pencil is lost. He  gave me the pencil. I saw a deer. Deer was in forest. Let us transform these sentences:-… Read More »


DISTRIBUTIVE PRONOUNS Each, other,  everyone, either and neither are distributive pronouns, as they separate one person or a thing from a group of persons or things. They always take singular verb. distributive pronoun for example:- Each of them was a player. Either of the two boys was required but neither of the two was ready. Either of… Read More »


INDEFINITE PRONOUNS When Pronouns refer to persons or things in a general way i.e it does not refer to any particular person or thing, therefore such pronouns are known as indefinite pronouns. Such as :-  one, none, some, all, any, many, both, few, etc. for example:- Some are born great. All were drowned. One must not praise… Read More »


DEMONSTRATIVE PRONOUNS Demonstrative Pronouns Definition and Examples DEFINITION:-  These are the pronouns which refers (demonstrates) to nouns instead of which it is used, Such pronouns are called Demonstrative pronouns. For example:- This is the present from my sister. The people of India are poorer than those of Canada. That is the Taj Mahal. I may have offended but… Read More »