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World Post Day Activities

World Post Day Activities On World Post Day, several events are organized throughout the world, but most of these events take place at government institutions except for schools. Irrespective of the stature of the school, i.e. whether it is public or private, students are taught about this auspicious day in an equal manner. They are… Read More »

World Post Day Quotes

World Post Day Quotes With the afflux of globalization, every year some famous days are celebrated as a part of our lives. The World Post Day is also one such event which endows the people with a solid platform to get the awareness and to spread also. The anniversary of this day is based upon… Read More »

World Post Day Themes

World Post Day Themes World Post Day is realized every year on 9th October to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in Switzerland in 1874. The Universal Postal Unions started its operations in the Swiss capital, Bern. World Post Day was decided to be celebrated on this day by the… Read More »