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Doordarshan Day History Quotes

Doordarshan Day History Quotes:- The day of 15th September is popularly recognized as Doordarshan day by the Indians. On the same date in the year of 1959, it had got the inauguration in no other place than the capital city Delhi. It is a part of the largest broadcaster of India, Prasar Bharti. Doordarshan Day History… Read More »

World Deaf Day Quotes Theme Activities Celebration

World Deaf Day Quotes Theme Activities Celebration:-Every year, World Deaf Day is celebrated all over the world on the last Sunday of September to recognize the contribution of deaf people to the society and generate compassion amongst people for them. World Deaf Day Theme and History Every year, World Deaf Day is celebrated all over… Read More »

World First Aid Day Theme

World First Aid Day Theme:- Every year, lots of organisations celebrate world first aid day with bag and baggage either by the representation of skits or by other cultural activities. The day is celebrated to spread awareness among the people. The objective of its celebration is not going to be any different this year. But,… Read More »

World First Aid Day Speech

World First Aid Day Speech:- This day is the day which makes everyone aware about First Aid. On this day many people are preparing for World First Aid Day Speech. Here below is the complete speech which will help one a lot in delivering an impressive and meaningful speech. World First Aid Day Speech  … Read More »

World First Aid Day History

World First Aid Day History:-World first aid day is celebrated on the second Saturday of September every year just with the aim of teaching the people about the basic health care As we are dwelling in the 21st century, every field especially medical category is developing to a large extent day by day. Just to ensure the good health of all the citizens, it has become quite… Read More »